Monday, 3 February 2014

The Bristol Twisted Sprint – a belated thankyou

I'd like to thank Luke, Rob and everyone at HybridCluster for organising the Bristol Twisted Sprint in December last year and for their hospitality on the day.

I got quite a bit of work done and it was a rare opportunity to meet Tom and JP, who had flown in from the Americas, and Hynek who had flown in from Berlin.

Earlier that week I'd been amazed to receive an email from Tom with code-reviews of three of my EDNS branches. He'd done them during his flight from Canada! Not sure I'd have had the stamina, given the lack of elbow room and the temptation of in-flight entertainment and complimentary booze. But Tom's a pro and it meant that we had lots to discuss on the day of the sprint. Tom had raised some concerns about my proposed mechanism for setting EDNS parameters from the high level twisted.names.client API – with which I agree. But I'm still struggling to implement the alternative mechanism that we discussed on the day. More on that in a later blog post.

It was also nice to see Hynek, who showed me an interesting custom DNS server which he'd written despite the lack of documentation and despite having to subclass and override the private _lookup method of twisted.names.authority. He laid it on pretty thick, and guilt–tripped me into writing some decent documentation for twisted.names.server. Conscience is what motivates me, so I'm pleased to report that we now have a little more narrative documentation for Twisted Names. And it looks pretty nice too, thanks to khorn's and glyph's work on porting the Twisted documentation to ReST and Sphinx.

JP adopted a "headmasterly" role; supervising things from a lectern at the front of the room (an improvised standing desk), and intimidating us (the pupils) with astonishing Typespeed scores between builds – the keyboard noise was deafening! But I'm exaggerating, JP was as helpful and as thoughtful as usual. Switching context effortlessly to assist us with all areas of Twisted — from development environment tips, to Twisted OpenSSL integration, to EDNS, to PyPy tests and benchmarking, to Tun/Tap APIs. Very impressive!

Let's hope there are more UK Twisted sprints in 2014.

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